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Happy Holidays!
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Gatsby and I are disappointed we cannot be at home for Christmas, but as always we wish you and yours the very best for the Holidays and the New Year.
Ty and Gatsby

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Think he likes chasin' geese?

(L to R), Wade Coplin and Dwight, Adam Holmes and Keena, Tyler LeGarde and Gatsby, and Andy Knapp and Sam.
Sam--huntin' up those roosters.

Team News
Pheasants: Montana Style.

What a weekend. Adam Holmes and Keena came over from Spokane. Wade and Dwight loaded up from Stevensville--and Alberton was represented by Andy Knapp and Sam.
Birds were had by all.
With a little doing--the crew was able to get permission for a nice little BMA and head into the hollows of the Teton River.
Ty, Andy, Gatsby and Sam immediately set into a field where the roosters were running. Sam and Gatsby ran a little track meet before three roosters were felled. (I'm claiming the one Gatsby found).
Adam, Keena, Wade and Dwight were able to get into a rooster and some Hungarian Partridge.
The big winner of the Weekend was Andy and Sam--who were able to bag the "Tri-Fecta". A sharp-tail grouse, Hun and pheasant. The old boy can still hunt. Seven year old Sammy taught Gatsby a thing or two about endurance.
Sam "Danger Dog" Knapp also had the most interesting encounters of the weekend. With his partner in crime Dwight--the pair introduced themselves to a rattlesnake, and Sam was the un-lucky recipient of a few porcupine quills. Undeterred--Sam was the only dog to flush a rooster Sunday morning.
All in all--it was a great weekend. Nothing like spending it with your dogs. The "Jack-Rabbit Open" was decided by a nose--with Dwight beating out Gatsby.
Needless to say--the little yellow lab could use some more time on the roosters. After this weekend, it'll be hard to get her to think about anything else. There is a few more pheasants to be had out here than back home in Minnesota...
Big thanks to Adam, Wade, and Andy for being such great hunting companions. Can't find nicer guys.
Good times--real good times.

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We are proud to have had the opportunity to meet Mark Stuart and his dog Hogan. They are champions of Labrador Retriever rescue.
Mark, his wife Karla, and their dogs Hogan and Friar work tirelessly to find homes for Labradors that live in foster homes, kennels, or worse yet may be euthanized. Check out Mark's website for a great story, and information on how you can help their noble cause. HoganFlys!.com

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